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Gallery: Elves in Disguise 2013

This year’s incredible Elves in Disguise Home Makeover is December 19!(Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Welcome to Elves in Disguise 2013, our annual home makeover!

Elves in Disguise is a one day event that involves a complete home makeover for a family in need. The Elves in Disguise makeover event might happen in one day but there are days of preparation that occur before the actual makeover begins.

Below are some highlights of Elves In Disguise 2013!


Below you will find BEFORE, DURING & AFTER photos, including THE BIG REVEAL!

Scenes from the two days before the Big Reveal:

The apartment is usually in severe need of cleaning and all the appliances are usually outdated:

The entire apartment is emptied & old appliances are removed and the whole place is cleaned from top to bottom:

We collect donations of furniture & new mattresses. Donated furniture is refinished and reupholstered:

The walls are prepped & painted and the old carpet is completely removed and new carpet is installed:

Our Elves taking a much needed lunch break:

After collecting, refinishing, and storing the furniture, décor, and countless other items for weeks, we rent a U-Haul for one day and move it all from North Dallas to a deserving family in South Dallas:


People sometimes ask us if we really get the entire Elves in Disguise home makeover done in one day. Our photo gallery from two days ago showed that we actually put in many hours of work before Elves Day. There was still a long way to go when the Elves arrived yesterday morning, but by 4:00 p.m., this year’s makeover was complete. Here are a few photos that our volunteer Elves have shared with us from yesterday. These photos show that there really is magic in the air on Elves Day. All these photos were taken yesterday at Elves In Disguise, December 19, 2013.