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At New Hope Foundation, our mission is to improve the lives of underprivileged families living in North Texas through life skills programs, educational programs and scholarships, senior programs, immediate needs programs, and family focus programs that assist and empower individuals seeking to break the cycle of poverty in their own lives and in their communities.

We are proud to show you a few photos and video from some of our key events and programs!  We thank all of the volunteers and donors who help make these events not only possible, but wonderful successes!

The New Hope Foundation Story


To Learn More About The New Hope Foundation Story, Please Watch Our Video Above.

We educate, we empower, we help people find jobs…. we help people believe that there’s hope. The whole idea is that we provide NEW HOPE to people in the community who otherwise may not have it.

Our volunteers are individuals, families, friends, teams, schools, businesses and organizations. We represent all ages and all walks of life, but we share a common goal: Self Empowerment.  Join the hundreds of volunteers and donors who believe in a better future.

Donate your time or your services; collaborate with us by adopting a project or an entire Elves In Disguise family. Think of us when your company, organization or family makes their yearly gifts and help us spread the word. At New Hope Foundation, we are breaking the cycle of generational poverty and rewriting better, brighter futures.

Elves In Disguise

Each holiday season, volunteers at New Hope Foundation join together to bring joy and hope to one or more families with our special Elves in Disguise “home makeover.” Elves in Disguise provides basic items many people may take for granted, such as a clean mattress with sheets and a bed frame or a dining room table or desk where the kids can do homework. Relieved of the burden of providing the basics, families are able to focus on achieving important milestones that can help them break the constraints of poverty.

Click here to see when our next annual Elves In Disguise home makeover will be!

Overview of New Hope Foundation's Mission and Elves In Disguise Program:

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New Hope Foundation PSA