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Seniors Programs

Seniors Programs

New Hope Foundation realizes that seniors are often the ones younger family members turn to in a crisis, a trend that seems more prevalent amongst the poor. That’s why it is important that the needs of those 62 and older remain at the forefront of our foundation’s efforts. If you are an elderly adult in need of social services, education, training, or simply a community of supporters, New Hope Foundation may have what you seek.

You are never too old for New Hope.

Bishop Dunne High School Seniors Interviewing Our Seniors at the Empowerment Center in November 2011:

Seniors Lunches:

We are now in our third year of serving free hot, homemade lunches to seniors at the Empowerment Center. The program developed when New Hope Foundation Director Johnny Flowers learned that seniors in our community sometimes secretly eat dog or cat food so that younger people in their family can eat nutritious “people food.” We serve free meals to between fifty and 100 seniors a month at our Empowerment Center. On Wednesdays and Fridays we provide a movie or Bingo for our seniors after lunch.

Seniors Two-For-One:

Our citizens over 62 sometimes take part in our “Seniors Two-For-One”, which is what happens when our seniors volunteer to work at our Empowerment Center during the normal weekly schedule or for special events. The senior citizen experiences the heart-warming feeling and satisfaction that comes from giving back to your community, and the community and our Empowerment Center receive the benefit of the senior’s time and experience. Seniors in our community who are interested in our Seniors Two-For-One should contact the Empowerment Center at 214-942-6110.