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Gallery: Elves in Disguise 2014


Elves in Disguise 2014 was held DECEMBER 18, 2014.  Here is a video highlighting the joyous event!

Here’s the text from our 2014 EID Makeover:

We are proud to announce another home makeover to a hard working family! Over the years, we have provided at least twenty life-altering makeovers, $55,000 in scholarships, and countless hours of mentoring and self-improvement classes and events.

This year we are trying something new. Past makeovers have all been limited to a small section of low-income apartments, but because of construction in that area, this year’s makeover will be a house! The landlord has been very cooperative and is pitching in on the makeover, as well.

The 2014 makeover recipient is a young mother of four. The children range in age from 5 to 9, and all love school, sports, and church. Their mother, age 28, is also devoted to church and keeping a happy and healthy home for her children. The girls, who all share a room, have asked for a princess room, and their brother would like a basketball themed area for himself. This family, formerly homeless, will receive one of our largest, most complete home makeovers ever.

As always, we have a wide range of volunteers contributing to this year’s makeover, beginning with the family’s church family, who will be completing the master bedroom makeover. Other volunteers include a number of Girl Scout troops, a real estate office, two mother/daughter teams, a Prayer and Outreach group, a roofing company, a design firm, a management company, and many, many other volunteers who believe in the power of new hope. All will work together to transform a tiny Section 8 house into a stunning, stylish home in one very busy day.  Learn more about this amazing event and see videos and photos from past Elves in Disguise makeovers below

Currently, teams have been assigned to all the rooms in the house. And while New Hope is working closely with the landlord, we do not want to impose our wishes onto his budget. Therefore, we are going to provide the following to help this year’s family live in both comfort and style: bathroom sinks, bathroom countertops, multiple ceiling fans, a dining room chandelier or light fixture, carpeting, new paint in most rooms, furniture, decor, clothing, gifts, televisions, and computers. As always, the family will be eligible to apply for scholarships from the New Hope Foundation Scholarship Fund. This whole event is made possible thanks to our dozens of volunteers who spend hundreds of hours every year and generous financial contributions from our many other loyal supporters.

This year’s Elves in Disguise Home Makeover will be Thursday, December 18 in Lancaster, Texas. Watch our website for Elves in Disguise 2014 photos and videos shortly before and on Elves Day. Also, sign up for our newsletter!

Elves 2014 Slide Show:

Elves in Disguise 2014 was one of our most challenging makeovers ever, because we decided to give the prize to a family living in a home instead of in an apartment like we have done in the past. We started sooner and worked harder on this one. An earlier post showed photos from a few days before Elves Day 2014. The family was moved into a nearby hotel for four nights while the Elves worked on the house.

Some of the rooms were still not ready for the Elves when they started arriving early on Elves Day 2014. But they got things back on track in no time.

Rooms were assigned to teams several months ago, and all the rooms started to take shape as the day wore on.

The family arrived right at 4:00 P.M. as scheduled. Elves were seen taking some final items out the back door as the family arrived at the front door. This year’s Big Reveal was a tearful experience of joy and happiness for the family and volunteers alike.

The Beginning:

It Starts . . . The 2014 Elves in Disguise Home Makeover is underway now.

The Elves have begun the makeover for this year’s 2014 winner. The family has been moved to a nearby hotel for the next four days. None of them have ever even stepped inside a hotel before Sunday! Ceiling fans have been replaced. Walls have been deep cleaned and painted. New sinks and countertops have been provided in some rooms. Finishing touches on the paint are being made this week. The Elves are already moving some items in to the house. Carpet comes tomorrow. And you won’t believe how grand the front entrance will look when we are done!